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RE: 5kcstq Timing Belt Woes

> > << The only safe way to 'recover' from this situation safely is to remove
> >  the camshaft. >>
> > 
> > I've not found it necessary to remove the camshaft on '85, '87, or '91 10v
> > I-5
> > engines.  I've oiled the cam lobes, then turned the cam with the 19mm bolt
> > at
> > the front.
> > 
> ... I'm with Phil here ... The 5kcsTq indicates an MC engine ... and I can
> tell you for a fact that the MC engine is in fact a static interference
> design ... not just dynamic.  It really isn't that difficult to pull the cam
> ... why risk bending valves?

Phil, Steve, woa! I got all the marks in agreement
(except the one on the crank pulley that everyone
says I can disregard). The distributor rotor is
pointing at its TDC mark, the dot on the back of
the cam gear does exist, and is indeed at the top 
of the cylinder head, and there is a nicely etched
line in the flywheel pointing to a notch in the
bellhouse casting.

Belt is off, work proceeds. And hey, even if I didn't
actually have it at TDC, I did get it to a defined
reference point. It was running that way, so if I
just put everything back the same way, it will
run again.

Now, any ideas as to how to remove the lower bolt
which secures the thermostat cover/housing? It
is blocked by the radiator and thermoswitch.

gratefull for the help and the attention :) -dq
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