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FS: Wife said "too many Audis"

For Sale: '86 5kcst 5-speed. Looks new, drives great. No torsen.
165k miles. $2,500. Fully loaded Dark Gray ext. Gray leather int.
Everything except cruise control works. Many new parts
Worried about the amount of miles?  I'm buying a '87 5kcsqw with 224k 
miles. Same mechanic who has taken care of mine and the one I am buying.
Located in San Francisco East Bay. Always a California car. No rust.
Like to sell it by Sunday when I get the wagon. Run out of garage.
Rod Michaelson
e-mail HOTROD@pacbell.net
phone (925)935-3932.

'95 90q 5-speed 52k
'91 90cs auto 82k
'87 5kcsqw 5-speed 224k
'86 5kcst 5-speed 165k
'98 chevy c1500 ext-a-cab stepside 13k