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Ferguson Formula Capri?!

Along with the Audi racer I posted yesterday was
another very unique car: an FF Capri!

Anybody familiar with these cars? 

Ad follows; no personal knowledge of the car
-heck, I didn't know they even existed!
All standard disclaimers apply!
1973 Ford Capri 4x4 

-- Ferguson 4X4 All-Wheel Drive
-- Automatic transmission
-- West Lake V6 - Solex Tri-power carbs
-- 15 in. custom wheels
-- Includes complete extra drivetrain; engine, trans.,
front & rear axles, & transfer case plus other odds & ends. 

Only 15 built with only 6 imported in to the USA. 

Asking $12,000 or best offer (must sell, losing storage area) 

Home phone: 248-349-4528
Work phone: 313-248-6282
Fax: 313-594-0022