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Re: Accident (with mild rant)

My point through this whole thing was to point out that while some 
people are sue-happy and will exacerbate their injuries and hire dubious 
PI attorneys to get $$$$, other people will deal with the card they've 
drawn when faced with a bad situation and try to make the best of it.

I know it's inexcusable that my mother (the "stupid tart" according to 
Phil Payne) was not wearing a seat belt, even in the back seat.  
However as I remember, Illinois (the state where the accident occurred) 
does not have a back-seat passenger seatbelt requirement.  I believe 
that because of this she would have been entitled to some amount of 
pain and suffering if the kid who hit her was carrying enough insurance 
or was financially solvent.  As it was, he carried only the state 
minimum, which did not even approach fixing all the damage he caused.

If this line is going to continue to diminish into name calling (and 
even if it's not), please respond privately to me if you want to repond, 
throw rocks at my house, etc.