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Re:alarms and WEP and TAF no longer q-less (or would that be clue-less)

Seems to me that all the 91's had the factory alarm and theft deterent, maybe
I'm wrong. When one locks the car, a little meep is heard from the rear of the
car. This means the system is activated. If so and someone breaks in the alarm
starts meeping, the 4 ways flash, and the starter is inoperative. 
Check to see if the system is there first, I just went out and checked my
Coupe Quattro and my 91 90 Quattro in the lot and they both have the factory
I must say that after years in the service business (those days are over
,thank God) the most common cause of WEP (weird electrical phenonoma)
TAF(Total Audi Frustration) was after market alarms, so bear that in mind
while considering an alarm installation.