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Re: A90: electrical noise and weird downshift


> A couple of newbie questions about my wife's car... it's a 91 A90
> automatic.

What's an A90?  I suppose you mean Audi 90 :)...

> - When cold, the engine has a "tac-tac-tac-tac-tac" sound (valves ?
> lifters?) ... 
>    any idea what I can do about this? 

Lifters... should go away in <30 sec after warmup.  you can fix it for
$$$... but if it goes away, the rest of the listers would say that it's

> - There is a permanent electric "whine" of some kind that you can hear
> from inside the car. 
>   I've tracked the noise to the rear passenger side, behind the wheel.
> There seems to be some
>   electrical device there but I have no idea what it is (I have no
> manual or anything).. Any clue ?
>   Remedy ? 

Methinks fuel pump?  There was some debate as far as noisy pumps=dying
pumps.  Get other lister's opinions.  If it *does* die, though, you'll be

> - Most bizarre: when the car slows down, it automatically downshifts
> into a lower gear,
>   as it should, but in the process you can hear a quick "noise" like the
> tires are spinning or
>   are locked for 1/2 a second or something... ??

Hmmmm... dunno!

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