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Re: Electrical warning ?

> << The possible damage could be to the Bosch TCI-h control unit. It's the same
> concept as audio speaker amplifiers that could be damaged if you operate the
> amplifier without a load.     Hope that helps. >>
> I would imagine it is more of a personal safety warning. Since grounding it is
> *way* beyond a "load" the output device is designed for, and since it is okay
> to run the spark into a dead short, I doubt the output circuitry is all that
> sensitive. I do know you don't wanna be zapped by that wahr, it will make a TV
> picture tube anode look tame. 

Ah, the coil wire isn't that bad.  Neither is house current.  Car
batteries *hurt*.  Telephone juice "jangles" your nerves.  Electric
catfish make your whole body spasm.  Anyway...

> Anyone
> know for sure if the "spark box" can be damaged if the output is lifted but
> not grounded?

As I said, been doing it for years after oil changes, no observed
problems.  Think about it - it's the equivalent of really bad spark plug

> BTW, the thing about running audio amps with no load...that's pretty much a
> myth.  In 20+ years of fixing consumer electronic equipment for a living I
> have yet to see a power amp that "blows up" by being run with no load.

Yup.  My Crown DC300 sits all day with no load waiting for a speaker to
test.  No problem.  That comparison is part of why I would leave the
coil wire dangling rather than short it.  

But, a much better way to deal with this issue is to disconnect the coil
+12 wire, or put a switch in it.  No juicy to coil, no problem.

Huw Powell