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Must give Audi Tís new homes

I have 2 5K turbos that I must find new homes for as Iím relocating
across the country.

#1 is an Ď84 5K turbo that is a donor-mobile, still has relatively new
bomb and Turbo-gas boges on the rear, grey leather interior. Auto trans
is swapping fluids. 200K miles. not drivable as master cyl and booster
removed. Hyd pump rebuilt. Rack rebuilt. Windshield cracked, Hella euro
lights-one cracked lens. Minor body damage (parking lot dings ect...)
# 2 is an í87 5Kcs turbo approx 120K miles, grey leather interior,
burgundy exterior. Turbo-gas boges on front (from donor) replaced
radiator, heater core, master cyl and booster cyl ( both were new from
donor) Auto trans swapping fluids-squawking and shifting erratic. Still
drivable. Only other thing inop is driver seat heater-seat bottom
circuit open-have not checked further. No body damage or rust.
Also have Bentley Manual- and parts microfische (sectioned to fit US
standard viewers)
$2K offer takes all- as package only. Located Mid-San Francisco
Greg Turner