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RE:Re: S4 suspension poll

---Frank Amoroso <famoroso@sprintmail.com> wrote:
> I'm running 90% street and 10% track. I like the car stiff, but I do
> like it low (for many reasons, alignment being one, and driveways /
> bumps being another). Does the coilover setup you mention apply to
the rear
> as well?
> For tires I'm running Bridgestone  S-02s, 245/40-17 (on TSW trophy
17 x 8).
> Porsche 993tt brakes front.
> I currently have Sachs sporting shocks, and
> unknown springs, ride height as measured from wheel center to
underside of
> the fender
> lip is about 17.5" all the way around. It is too low, I scrape too
> (kind of juvenile) and I worry about driving it in the snow next
winter. I'd
> like to compromise somewhere between 17.5" and stock height.
> I was thinking bilstein sports with stock '92 S4 springs. Thoughts?
> assuming I could get into this for less than a coil over setup. Better
> shocks, stiffer springs, stock ride height (wouldn't mind lowering
it about
> an inch from stock though).
> thanks,
> Frank--
> -----Original Message-----
> >To chose the correct suspension for your S4 is all dependent on what
> >your intension for this car is. Whether it be for track, street,
> >rally. The disicion you need to make before asking for the best
> >suspension system is it's intended use. Keep in mind that you have to
> >give up one aspect of handling to get another. you can't have optimum
> >handling with a soft ride. It's like trying to mix water and oil they
> >just can't be combined.
> >
> >I personally use 2Bennett Audimotive's coil-over system. It's a
> >excellent system that allows you to adjust the ride height and change
> >spring rates. It is paired with Koni sport shocks. My car is set up
> >for track use only but it would be very easy to change spring rate
> >length and use it for rallying. All though this system is in a 10V
> >turbo 4000 Quattro, 2Bennett Audimotive has a proven system for your
> >S4. Total Audi Performance uses this system on there S6 Speedvision
> >cup (sport class) race car. You should give them a call at
> >530-758-7325. They are always happy to send people in the right
> >direction.
> Frank,

The 40 profile tyre that you are running is a start for stiffening the
ride, but that profile tyre makes it very easy to bend the wheels. The
coil-over system is excellent if you want to very the ride height. The
system comes complete for front and rear. 2Bennett Audimotive can set
you up with the right spring rates and length for a compermizing
ride(90%- street 10%-track) but remember you can't have optimum
handling with a prominent street setup. The ride height can be
adjusted with the spinner nut about 3". I think this would bennifit
your set up needs.

Going with Billsteins and stock '92 spring would be easier and less
expensive, but wouldn't give you a variable ride height. This
adjustibility would come in handing when it starts to snow or you plan
on driving on a track. 
It's easy to adjust. You jack the up car so the suspension is
unloaded, remove the wheel, loosen the locking bolt, turn the spinner
nut with the spinner nut wrench to the height that you want, re
tighten the locking bolt, and adjust the next wheel. 
Why pass up the opertunity to up-grade when you are already going to
have the suspension apart.
Billsteins or Koni's sports are good shocks for spring rate under 600
lbs. . So either would be a good chose for either setup


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