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Re: Thermostat Cover Problem Solved

At 10:54 AM 5/12/98 -0500, you wrote:

>Looking directly at the side of the I5 block and
>at the thermostat housing, what is the proper orientation
>of the thermostat? The Behr that was in there was
>in such that the support that holds the center part
>of the device was oriented at approx. 30deg from
>the vertical axis, with a negative slope. It has
>an arrow on the outer edge of the device which 
>was pointing in the general direction of the hose
>fitting on the housing cover.
>Some manuals say the support piece needs to be
>exactly vertical, others show it at an angle 
>like I found mine.
>Which is correct?

Doug, if it has an arrow, my Bentley shows it pointing down.  Last one I
put in didn't have an arrow, so I put it with the crossing support
vertical.  Beats me why the arrow makes a difference as the 'stat appears
symmetrical all around.  Comments anybody?


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