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Re: '86 ur-q & 'ZZZ' VINs

Steve Marinello <smarinel@neosoft.com>
> harrison wrote:
> > Where are you getting the VIN from? On My 88 90q (US) and other Audis
> > that I have inspected, "ZZZ" appears in the VIN on the firewall. If
> > you look at the windshield or door pillar, it reads "WAUCHO" not
> > "WAUZZZ." I was told by the OH highway patrol during a salvage
> > inspection that it was some sort of decoy to trip
> > up car thieves.

I have the same VIN characteristics.  This threw me off big time with my 
old Coupe GT, because my friend pointed it out thinking that the car was 
pieced together from junkyard parts.  It wasn't until I bought another 
Audi that I/we discovered this is normal.