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Re: staticky A4?

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>

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Virtual Bob writes:
>> I've read it somewhere that A4 occupants can get electrically charged.
>> And it wasn't the tires (a la Honda Accord incident).
>> For ye A4 owners in dry climate, do you notice it? How bad is it?
>Sod the 'dry climate' - it happens _here_ in the UK all too often in
>my Passat.

Its happened to me with so many cars that I have adopted a routine for
getting out of the car.
1. Open door (duhh.. clever eh?)
2. Grasp windscreen pillar
3. Step out
do it this way and no shock 'cos your hand/foot connection grounds the

Back in the late 70's (when I was newly qualified EE) I read a paper
published by a French doctor which covered the dangers of static shock from
vehicles, especially for people with heart problems.

Jim Haseltine