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Re: Audi 4000s

Derick Farfan writes:
> I want to change my manifold, is the manifold on the 4cyl non-quattro
> 83' 4000 better to use then the stock manifold on my 85' 4cyl fwd 4000.
> Wolfsport said they don't think that the manifold on the early audi fox
> - vw dasher would only fit on the vw fox, as well as the TT downpipe.
> Any feedback would be appreciated.

The Dasher (twin outlet) exhaust manifold will fit on your 4000, and you
must switch to using the Techtonics VW Fox downpipe to match.  Your oxygen
sensor will have to be moved to the Techtonics downpipe (it comes with the
fitting).  I have done exactly this mod to my 4000.  Visit my web site for
some photos and stats (URL below).

I am not sure what manifold the 83 4000 has, but if it's got only
a single outlet then it's not worth the trouble.  Also, my 80 4000
had a twin-outlet stock manifold with oxygen sensor but the downpipe
flange angle was different than the early Dasher manifold, hence the
Techtonics downpipe wouldn't fit with that manifold.  If the 83 has a
manifold like that, then it won't work.

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