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Subject: RE: Audi car phone

You wrote:


> > I bought a used 1995 A6 wagon and was wondering whether the car has the

> > "Hands Free" option.  The instruction booklet for the phone isn't with the

> > car's records.  I see a microphone above the rear-view mirror.  Does

> > know how to activate the Hand's free part of the phone?  Is there a switch

> > on the radio that needs to be set?

> >

> > Thanks.

> >

> > Joseph Chen

> >

Henry Harper replied

Could the "microphone" above the mirror actually be a temperature sensor for 

the climate control? Is there another one on the dash? I haven't looked in a 

newer car, but my '91 has one internal temperature sensor on the dash, and one

by the sunroof switch. 
Should be the same for the A6.  
My understanding of the hands-free option for my car 

(though I don't have the phone) is that the microphone is in the driver's 

dash-top speaker grill and the speaker is in the passenger's dash-top speaker 

grill (there are no stereo-system speakers in these locations, not stock 

On the '91 200q, the hands-free phone was a late build feature.  On my car,
there is a standard black microphone up next to the indoor air temp sensor by
the sunroof control.  On others there is a microphone in the driver's A pillar
(small 1/4 inch black dot).  The speaker is in the passenger side dash top
speaker grill.

The telephone is located in the center armrest, and should say Audi on it.  If
so, it should be the hands-free phone.  I've got the manual for the older '91
phone (a Motorola unit), and can walk you through programming it if you'd
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q with phone


Henry Harper


1991 200 quattro, 88k, phone goes in my pocket, tweeters go in those dash 

speaker locations

1988 GTI 16v, 178k, same phone, same pocket, different car