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RE: 64-bit version of OS/390 ?

>Hmmmm.  Wonder what pearls of Audi wisdom the UNIX newsgroup got
>in exchange?!
With Phil being such a upstanding, helpful, experienced and witty
listmember, I think we can let him by _just_ this once :)

I've done it myself once or twice; in fact, I think I once posted something
to the qlist that _should_ have gone to the Linux-Pmac list(oops.)
Strikingly similar mistake.  Yikes.  Phil, myself, Andrew, Arun, and of
course Dan...all unix heads...and those are the ones that pop to mind
immediately.  What's the world coming to?  Arguably, something better :)

I guess Audis are sorta like Unix(who wanted that analogy?  Jeff?  You
still running that contest?) and Caddys are sorta like Windoze.  Audis may
be more complex, more expensive and more work, but they're better built,
and a hell of a lot more fun to "play" with :)  Windoze/Caddys is/are more
for the masses and cheaper in the initial run...

PS:This is not an invitation to send me emails about Windoze/Unix/Macs and
which ones are better or which ones suck.  Really.  Honest.  Don't.

Brett Dikeman
Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt.  Qui annus est?
Te audire non possum.  Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.
Ita, scio hunc 'sig file' veterem fieri.