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Fwd: Accident [mild rant]...hmmm


	Talking of wrecks, just in case anyone cares for the best ins. Go and get a
policy from State Farm.  I totaled my 90 csq two month ago whena caddy pulled
out in front of me.  Once the police released my car, they had a check to me
within three days, for more than my car(to me was worth/ or at least more than
I paid).  Hell they could of fixed it, and it would have been nice to have
back(at least for the quattro and color combination), but hey a new A4 is nice
to have, anyway.
	Oh if anyone interested, I know the location of a 93 90csq, wrecked of course
front end, have pictures if needed. Only had 60000 miles and babied condtion,
perfect interior,  perfect rear up to front doors and did run perfect.   Front
trashed hit side of 97 elodorado when i was going approx 60.  Looks like my
car fairedd 1000% better than the eldorado . Insurance said it could be fixed,
but under circumstances(death), would total for my peace of mind.