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RE: fool boiler & SportsCar on 'EFI'

I claim that CIS is not EFI because the engine runs with no DC power to the injection system, the engine runs with the FI operating in a 100% mechanical mode. This I refer to as 'mechanical fool injection'. Even more technically accurate would be 'mechanical fool injection with electronically-assisted mixture control'. (all strictly IMFO).

What's the diff between CIS and CIS-E? CIS-E has the 'electronically-assisted mixture control' via Lambda sensor and freq valve and CIS is 100% mechanical?


<< Well Glen I would have to agree with you there.  I have taught myself
 not to refer to my car a "E"FI.  Graydon put EFI on his car.  CIS is not
 electronic at all, excepting the OXS loop in USA and I suppose if you
 want to get technical the frequency valve, sort of.
Actually I have read that electronic fuel injection can be described as any
fuel system which is controlled by a computer.  Late CIS systems fall into
this category as well as EFI's with electric fuel injectors, but in my opinion
the turbo's CIS is a cross between an EFI and a mechanical fuel system, so I
guess you could call it an (EFI)/2 system.