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cutout problem - 5kT

     Hi folks-

     I am experiencing an intermittant cutout problem with my '83 5kT.  I
     first noticed this problem last summer while vacationing in Montana.
     The car ran great all the way across Minesota, SDakota and the low
     altitude parts of Montana.  When I started to gain altitude, I
     experienced a abrupt loss of power, identical to an overboost cutout
     condition.  The tach went to zero immediately, just like shutting the
     engine down.  I gave up on going further up and settled for exploring
     the lower-altitude areas at the time due to reaching the limit to my
     meager vacation budget.  The trip home (IA) was uneventful.
     Now, after nine months of running fine, I am suddenly seeing the same
     problems, except at interstate speeds.  Happened at 70 mph, ambient
     temp=75 deg F.  91 Octane fuel.  Cruise control on.  No AC.
     So, any ideas?


     Charley DePenning
     '84 GTI
     '83 5kT
     '73 C10