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RE: Erratic Manifold Pressure: Please help

My car does this also (91 200Q). I thought it was just the WGFV working,
opening and closing the wastegate.

Rob Winchell
91 200Q
87 4kCS

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> Subject: Erratic Manifold Pressure: Please help
> I have problem creeping up on me again. (89 200T)
> Whenever I boost higher than 1.5 bar, the analog boost gauge goes
> crazy. It oscillates between 0.1 - 0.2 bar higher and lower than
> the current
> reading.
> If the car is slowly accelerated, it sometimes happens from 1.2bar.
> The car goes well, but obviously looses power when this happens.
> The head has been redone about four months ago for the second time
> , where they found a valve sleeve that was loose on No1 cylinder.
> The symptoms was an occasional puff of smoke so bad that you could
> not see the traffic behind you.
> The first time the head was done, they replaced bent valves.
> These bent  after loosing a timing belt when the waterpump
> bearings seized.
> The car was done by a reputable firm, under supervision of the local
> Audi agent. All bits that were worn got replaced, and they checked
> the motor very carefully (or so they say).
> I can see the same symptoms as before the oil started getting blown
> out. For the first three months the pressures were fine, and the car
> really pulled well.
> Questions:
> Is there any way that I could have caused this, say by running higher
> boost than normal? (The higher boost was first done by a vacuum pipe
> mod to the WGFV, and now with a carefully tested remapped ECU eprom).
> The car is driven up a steep hill just after start-up. Could the oil
> drain away from No1 cylinder be causing this?
> Is there any test that I can carry out without stripping the head?
> Any way to fix this? The job is still under guarantee for the next
> seven months, but I would like to get to the bottom of this and have
> it sorted out once and for all.
> The detail mechanical side on this issue is a bit beyond me at this
> stage.
> is fine.
> Renier Meyer
> 89 200T Durban South Africa.