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I'd like to thank the list for its support after my accident. I have
received many good suggestions of what to do by listers that have more
experience than me. Next, I'd like to thank everyone for focusing on my
problem rather than things I may have said in the letter.

Today, I'll be going to the precinct to file a counterreport against the
other driver. It does look fishy that for no reason at all, there were two
witnesses for her at the scene in an essentially deserted town (at the
time). One was parked in an empty firehouse parking lot (not connected
with the fd), the other, a biker. I will tell the police about that, too.

As far as my car goes, my father and I are going to tow it back tonight
and I'm not going to fix it. Not worth it, I don't have the insurance
policy for it, and I was planning on another, anyway. May make it easier
to strip it. The only thing is is that I really did have an attachment to
that car. This accident really broke my heart. I spent so much time on and
with that car, just to have a selfish person ruin it for me. At least, the
car paid me back by saving our lives (possibly). At least we're allright
and the damage is limited to the ic support-forward.

Once again, thanks.

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