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RE: Lightening up the q-list

Not bad, Michael, but you only get a "Highly Commend". I'm sure you can
do better.  Now, did you hear the one about the Irishman, the English
man and the Scotsman . . . .? (I'm allowed to tell this particular
variety of racist jokes as I'm Irish)

Audi content:  K-Jetronic is usually considered to be mechanical, as the
air/petrol ratio is controlled by mechanical means.  There are some
electronic components in there, e.g. the fuel pump relay, but it is
still called (by Bosch and others) a mechanical FI system.  Even
KE-Jetronic is still considered by most to be mechanical, but the
distinction is becoming blurred here as there is an electronic
controller looking at the lambda sensor and adjusting the air/petrol
ratio to give the best economy/performance.

Full-blown EFI is usually considered to be an electronically controlled
system that uses electronic injectors, i.e. ones that are pulsed with
varying duty cycles.  Examples of this would be Digifant, L-Jetronic and
Motronic (I think).

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> Paul Heneghan decided to speak these words:
> >Keep 'em coming, Huw.  Makes a nice change from Torsens and tarts.
> Come on, did you see my one about WAUCHOUT? jeez...i get no respect
> later...