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fool boiler & SportsCar on 'EFI'

In message <199805131530.PAA06242@smtp.amb.org> ti@amb.org (Ti Kan) writes:

> To be nit-picky...  Pre-1980 CIS is strictly mechanical, Post-79
> CIS uses a frequency valve driven by an ECU for mixture control.
> The frequency valve is a separate component than the fuel distributor.
> CIS-E uses the differential pressure regulator (also driven by the ECU)
> for mixture control, and the DPR is an integral part of the fuel
> distributor.  One characteristic of CIS-E is the lack of a control-pressure
> regulator, because the DPR assumes that role too.

To be nit-picky... The frequency valve didn't turn up on most European
cars until 1988.  The differential pressure regulator is not used on
most European implementations of what passes for CIS-E here - a separate
system pressure regulator is used in parallel with a frequency valve.

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