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Re: Deutsches Car Weirdness

> > On the Mercedes list, they're discussing the fact that putting in the
> > wrong (non-German) taillight lamps can fry the cruise control
> > brain!!  Replacement $150, thanks a lot...

> Funny, our cc brain sends a little current through the brake lights to
> ground, or it won't work.  Guess if your brake lights are out you're not
> supposed to be able to use cruise?

It's just sensing whether the brakes are on.  Probably has a relatively
high value resistor to 5 or 12V...

 But using the wrong bulbs killing
> the brain?  That's really out there.  Like I'm not sure I believe the
> diagnosis...

I suppose the right (wrong) cold bulb resistance could bias their cicuit
into a linear region, heat it up and fry it!