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RE: need source for cloth vac. hose, group aquisition

> Seems that the lovely hose audi uses all over the 200q20v engine is nicely
> NOT available in the US except from dealers.  I am speaking of the
> cloth-covered hose, unlike most US hose(which has the cloth braid
> internally sandwitched.)  For obvious reasons, this interal stuff is less
> than desirable for hoses that pass quite close to a turbocharger etc.
> I've been told that the cloth-covered hose is "European" hose, so is there
> a lister from "across the pond" who could aquire a good long chunk of the
> stuff for less than the $27/meter Rob W. found from a dealer?  I guess we
> have to account for shipping/currency and all other joys.
As I have reported on the list before, I have been able to find this
"european" vacuum line at a local auto parts store.  This is one of the
non-chains, but I think they belong to the "Pro-Plus" group.  The stuff I
bought even had the VW/Audi logo embossed in it!

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Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)