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Re: Brake caliper corrosion?

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From: Fluhr <ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com>

>Is there a coating of some sort on the brake calipers Audi uses (G60
>calipers, in particular) to prevent corrosion?
>Part of the caliper that was cleaned,
>though, appears to be oxidizing (or reacting in some manner).  The
>shiny gold-ish color metal is turning a sickly-looking gray.  I was
>wondering if the wire brush has removed some kind of coating which will
>make the caliper more prone to rusting.

I hope that you were wearing a dust mask when you were cleaning the caliper.
I strongly suspect that the gold-ish colour metal is cadmium plating, which
does turn sort of dull grey when it starts to corrode. I believe that
cadmium is very nasty stuff, highly poisonous.

Jim Haseltine.