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My '87 Quattro blows! (Hot air)

  I am the proud owner of a new (to me) '87 Quattro and I am having a few
minor problems with it.
  I think there is something amis with the thermostat or cooling system. I
took the car for a 400 mile checkout drive over the weekend. The car
performed very well except for two things:

1) The car blew very warm air through the far left and far right vents the
entire time. This is even with the temperature control guage all the way to
the left (cool). The center vents seemed to blow cool air the entire time.
I had the selector on vents, not floor. The outside air temp. was about 60
degrees F. The reason I suspect a thermostat or cooling system problem is
because there was a large variation in the engine temp. reading on the
dash. It seemed like the car wasn't keeping itself very cool while climbing
or in city traffic even though the outside air was relatively cool. I'm
afraid of what it will do when it gets warmer. The temp guage also blinks
on and off when I go around corners when I just start the car. A friend
said there are sensors to detect the coolant reserve level but I checked
the reservoir when the car was cold and it seemed full. The air coming from
the side vents was so warm that I had to close them and open the sunroof.

Any Ideas?

2) The windshield wiper fluid motor isn't working. Digging seemed to
indicate that fuse #12 was the fuse connected to the motor. is this
correct? This fuse seems to be fine. I haven't put a DVM on the motor yet.