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A4 vs Passat?

I got a cousin that just graduated. Now, he needs to ditch his Accord and
buy a new wagon. Originally, he had the Camry on the list but I was able
to convince him that A4 is another nice choice. While looking at dealers
lot, he also added the Passat in the list of choices.

Now, what exactly are the difference between Passat and the A4? Is leather
available in Passat? How about the engine? Does the Passat use the VR6 or
Audi's V6? I try to check out the exact differences between the two but
the on-line buyers guides are either too general or don't even got Passat
wagon in the selections.

The difference of about $2000 (or more) is quite a lot of difference.
What does A4 got (besides richer looking plastic, etc.) that VW doesn't?
Does Passat come in Synchro? (Option or otherwise.)

What he definitely wants -- V6 and leather (yeah, more of image then
anything else...).

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