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Fw: [R] '83 Turbo Quattro Coupe

This was posted on the rally list.  I have no interest or
affiliation...except to know where one of the rare '86 UrQ's is ;-).  Enjoy


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Date: Saturday, May 09, 1998 3:49 PM
Subject: [R] '83 Turbo Quattro Coupe

>I am the lucky, some might say, owner of two TQCs or Ur-Qs, (which ever you
>prefer).  I own a 1983 and a 1986.  The '86 is mucho rare, only 6 imported
>North America.  My wife says that I am not supposed to have 2 toys that are
>the same, so I have to sell one of the '83 TQC's.  (one of the other toys
>includes co-driving the ex-Tom McGeer '92 Leagcy GT Rally car).
>I bought the '83 car in December 1994 from a rally friend in Montreal, he
>owned it for 5 years prior.  It has 140,000 km (just about 95,000 miles), I
>have replaced all suspension bushings,  replaced all shocks,  ball joints,
>rear tie rod assemblies, rebuilt all brakes, it has Eibach lowering
>the engine is up-graded to a 1986 5000 Turbo but the Turbo and wiring is to
>1983 TQC spect.  The car was painted Pearl white more than 9 years ago, it
>rust around the suroof opening and about 15 hammer marks around the drivers
>side of the body.  The hammer marks were caused by the wife of the former
>owner, when she drank too much wine after she found out that he was moving
>with his girlfriend.  The brown leather interior is in fair shape with the
>usually drivers seat wear, there is an Alpine cassette and amplifier not
>installed,  I was building this car for my own use so all things completed,
>have been rebuilt or replaced for the long term, I have put a lot of bucks
>that I don't expect to get back at this point of completion, so I am asking
>$4,000 US with the stereo, $3,800 US without.
>The car is currently very road worthy and I will drive it at least half way
>anywhere in North America.
>I am keeping the '86 and will start that project soon.
>Clarke Paynter
>Halifax, NS, Canada
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