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In message <355A94FC.36CE@ix.netcom.com> "David L. Cooper" writes:

> What is with this Pearl White obsession?
> Every Rich Man, Royal, & Drug Dealer knows all cars should be Big,
> German and Black!

Not the drug dealer who's currently serving 18 years in Leeds Jail.
"His" Pearlescent White is still in Kirk Lane Motors with a silly
price tag on it.

Had a phone call from Tony Hill the other day.  He's a kind of: "Yeah, I
fixed that" guy.  Rides a custom 1100cc Moto Guzzi - fabricated the rear
swing arm himself - has three other bikes and a shapely blond wife who
rides a 650cc.  And an MB ur-quattro.

I helped him out with the initial part of the learning curve, but he's
off and running on his own now.  When I went to help remove his turbo,
the car had a big patch of rubbed-down white paint on the driver's
door.  I had previously thought it spotless, but _he_ found a chip and
set about fixing it.  As he failed to match the colour each time,
the area got bigger.  Last time I saw the car - no trace.  He's achieved
what looks like a perfect match on a part panel.  His comment was a
throwaway line: "Oh, yeah.  You have to do things in a real weird

Since then, we haven't discussed it.  But someone who can learn how to
patch stone chips on a Pearl White _perfectly_ in three weeks?

 Phil Payne
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