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S6 dates and M3

Quite a night, last night. I was driving along the M4 westbound from
London and saw a low and wide Avant in the distance. When I got behind
it, it was a late S6. It was on a UK 'P' plate which would have been
issued between August '96 and July '97. I didn't realise that the 95.5
S6 was still available this late? It was in a (mica?) blue with some
farmers stickers in the back window! He obviously recognised what was
behind him as he immediately waved.

Later in the evening I was watching my bowling team winning when one of
my team asked if I had an Audi S4. It appears that he, unknown to me,
owns an (320hp) M3 that I've raced on two occasions in the M4/A329(M)
area!!! It is marginally faster in a straight line but no match on those
fast sweeping curves. You can now imagine the main topic of conversation
on bowling nights in future! i.e you leave first, you need the head
start! I can't wait to get the remaining mods done to the S4 as it'll
then take him even on the straights!

I've been running my dual input thermocouple on the S4 for a couple of
months now and can confirm that by cutting the rectangular 8 x 6 section
out of the plastic wall behind the intercooler does aid charge cooling
quite significantly.  My new water-cooled chargecooler has now been
built but we're having problems on deciding where to locate it's
radiator. There's very little space in front of the main rad and aircon
rad. Anyone have any suggestions? It may be time to look at a 3rd party
front spoiler that has the larger RS2-type air vents i.e. Zender or ABT.

I don't have the full details yet, but the big GTI International show in
the UK was last weekend and the sprint was won by two Audis (in hot, dry
conditions). First was a 500bhp car of which I have no details and Kim
Collins 428bhp Cabriolet was second. Both beat last years winner which
is a dual-VR6 engined Golf. Anyone have any further details?

Regards, Malcolm.