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Audi Avus vs. Volkswagen W12 Supercar

Hi All,
	I just finished reading the article in the new Autocar on the VW W12
sportscar that was shown in Geneva. Apparently it will go into production
for a select few, to raise the awareness of the VW line and to possibly run
an assault on Lemans. While that is awesome news for any VW fan, I am left
somewhat disappointed.
	The W12 from a design standpoint is kind of a wannabe Ferrari. It's wedge
shaped lines could get lost easily on a Ferrari sales lot. It's VW name
will probably leave it a scorned supercar. You gotta wonder why not the
	The Avus' only downside that I can think of, is that it is chronologically
older design. From a design standpoint, it is much more original and lends
much more to VW/Audi heritage than the W12 showcar Ferrari look with VW
	Sure, developing the car in all aluminum like the original would cost way
too much, but it doesn't have to be aluminum. Why not use an alternate
material, like the W12. It could elevate Audi (using auto union heritage)
the the ultra luxury level. It could easily be the VW Group's Viper, while
embracing their own heritage.
	Many parts for the car are already existing or in developement. The W12
engine would be pretty awesome in a production Avus, and an assault on
Lemans with the car would be a very spiritual experience. The design of the
car is timeless. Only a few years old, it still does not look dated. There
are more people I think out there who would buy a car harkening back to
Auto Union and in Audi spirit, than who would buy a Ferrari with VW badge.
This is just my two cents.
VW Vortex