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Re: Ur-Q collectability

>>> "Dave Aukerman" <mhauk@ccsdana.net> - 5/14/98 11:27 AM >>>
The day the Ur-q becomes a collectible is the day I win the
Tour de France.  Reason #1 There were just too many of them brought into
the country. #2 There is zero market for a early-80's AWD car that produced
145-162 hp.  

I for one think that Dave is completely on the mark.  Hell, over 300 urq came to the US alone, not to mention the Great Power of the North...Canada.

On top of that, only a few of them have entirely rusted out.  And a few have blown their heads (@60k) and probably been left for parts.

And I hate the interior, wayyy too luxurious, especially the 1985 US version.

If I were an urq owner I would seriously think about selling it CHEAP and getting a '70 Mach 1 or '68 Mustang California Special.

My family has a '68 High Country Special in the process of restoration (for street) and you wouldn't believe how great an investment this has been!!!  The prices are skyrocketing!

Derek Daily
90 CQ
86.5 VW qtm syncro