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RE: Ur-Q collectability

Hi Brett (et al),

	>I would say the most unique cars are(in order!):
	>-V8(with manual tranny only.  Don't know the exact number, but
rare as
	>hell.)  Rarest.


	>-91 200tqw(only 200 imported into US)
	>-91 200tq(only 700 imported into US, I think.)

How about 5 speed FWD turbos?  Any #'s?

	>However, unique/limited production doesn't mean most
collectable, right?

	Or even desirable.  If I remember the FWD 5 speed Turbo vs. Q
thread (which Scott Mo. cleared right up, even shut me up :-)  ),
somebody said the exact same thing.  After careful consideration, I
agree.  My car seems kinda rare, but neither collectable nor desirable
:-(  .  (It is fast though.  Thanks again Scott Mo.)

Gary M. Lewis
1986 5000   CS Turbo 5 Speed   195,000 miles 1.8 bar