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Re: A4 vs Passat?

At 02:49 PM 5/14/98 -0500, Virtual Bob wrote:
>But he's faced the sticker shock -- at leat on the A4q Avant. Dealer (the
>damnable one) wants around $35,000, which was $10,000 more than what he
>was planning. I looked at Edmunds and figured it was quite possible with
>all the options thrown in.
>Anyway, what's a realistic price (that is, a car that you can get off of a
>dealer's lot) for an A4q Avant? For A4 FWD Avant? What's the lowest
>possible (option configured) price?
>Is the VW Passat GLX wagon out? I can only find listings for GLS wangons
>(if any at all) from several on-line buyer's guides. And what's a
>realistic low price? Average price? (Both with "real world" options.)
>For both Audi and VW, are there must-have options? How about the darn
>radio? Are the interior trim pieces interchangable between A4 and Passat?

You might want to check out www.scottvw.com for Passats.  I don't think the
Wagon is available yet and the V6 is only currently available with an
automatic(blechh).  Also, I don't think Quattro(or Syncro) is available
until next year.  AWD is a requirement IMO.

The interiors are not interchangeable.  I think the Passat interior is
quite nice though not as nice as the A4.

If he has to have an AWD wagon and can't swing an Avant, I suggest looking
at a Subaru Legacy GT.

Paul Wilson