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Re: A4 belly pan is Satan's work!

I think that Griots garage sells the same thing....
'96 A4q

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Date: Wednesday, May 13, 1998 11:15 PM
Subject: Re: A4 belly pan is Satan's work!

>     Steve,
>     be happy it's well attached.  95+ BMW M3s regularly lose theirs
>     because they are flimsily attached.  They break off if you sneeze on
>     it and BMW won't replace them.  Most of my fellow bimwads just leave
>     them off (I don't know if I ever had one on my 89 M3 but it's
>     definitely gone now.)
>     As far as suggestions, I'm not sure if you can access the oil filter
>     without taking the belly pan off but there is a product that sells for
>     about $50 that sucks the oil out the dipstick hole.  it's well known
>     in the BMW world because it's sold by one of the bigger mailorder
>     places, BMP Design (www.bmpd.com, I think)- I don't know who else
>     sells them.  It's a canister with a pump that you can use to create a
>     vacuum and then a tube that you slide into the dipstick tube.  It
>     takes a while to suck out all the oil but it's not "active" time, you
>     could go do something else.  I'm sure that if you were inventive, you
>     could devise something similar for less money.  It may not be perfect
>     but it's probably a decent alternative.
>     good luck,
>     rob
>     sorry for the BMW mentions- but they're still my first love...
>     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>     P.S.  If anyone has come up with a trick to making this easier I'm
>     open to
>     suggestions.....