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ur-quattro collectability

well advice varies....

1) depends upon the example
2) depends upon the model
3) depends upon the country
4) depends upon the number imported

remember that they *are* unique cars.  they were the first production awd car
(ff and bugatti excepted), and had a special rally heritage.  no other audi is
as distinctive on these counts.

to my mind the early ones (lhd, 1st rhd) are already classics and a tidy one
will return some favours.  they really were very similar to the rally cars
(ref: robson's book).

the middle years through to '88 model year the major negatives are the numbers
around, the cost of maintenance, and their lack of differentiation over the
early models.  ideal for modifications and hacking.  handling is a bit of a
-ve, as is off-boost performance.

the mb is probably just right for ownership, modificaiton and thrashing.  not
sure that it'll be collectable but, with the torsen, it provides a lot better
driving experience (much less understeer), and the motor gives better bottom
end response.

the rr is a difficult one.  here in nz, they are rare (3 of a total of 220 rhd
 made) and increasingly sought after.  but the buyers want the model, not the
car, and don't like *any* modifications.  my rr is now worth around $20k nzd
more than i paid for it, but i can't really mess with it without ruining its

one of the upside benefits of the prolonged spider hunt is that there is now no
way the rr and i will be parted.  when you take the car to the edges of the
envelope, you realise that audi really haven't done anything as good since. 
put 300hp and brembos in it and the rs2 wouldnt know which way it went. 
noisier, more uncomfortable, older, more idiosyncratic, but a better car.

one of the other factors is to keep personal opinion out of it.  the great
unwashed most likely don't share your opinions.  for example, in the uk, rr's
don't seem to be holding their values while rs2's have been exceptional with as
little as 5% depreciation over the 3 years since launch.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 13:27:43 -0500
>From: "Dave Aukerman" <mhauk@ccsdana.net>
>Subject: Ur-Q collectability
>J. Goggin wrote:
><It [200q]will never become a "collectible" (the jury's still out on the
>Exsqueeze me?  The day the Ur-q becomes a collectible is the day I win the
>Tour de France.  Reason #1 There were just too many of them brought into
>the country. #2 There is zero market for a early-80's AWD car that produced
>145-162 hp.  Remember, we are not talking about a mid-60's Hemi Cuda, 427
>alum. block Camero or 427 split-window Vette.  Hearing people refer to
>their Ur-Q with such sacred terms reminds me of the posts by Phil of UK 20V
>Ur-Q owners being afraid of driving their car in the rain. Huh?  Would I
>like to own an Ur-Q. . .sure but not at the price of admission that some
>people think they are worth.  Point of reference:  saw an old car show on
>tv showing Shelby Corba and Mustang owners running their cars at the track.
>. .owners finally came around in their thinking and decided to have some
>fun with their cars.  Kinda the whole point.  It a beautiful day out. . .
>let's go outside and play.