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car Zero, Brett One!(oil plugs, parts place on NE, and WGFV partnumber)

Haha!  I claim victory.  I _finally_ managed to break the oil plug loose on
my 200q.  Funny thing is, mine's an "innie" and 14mm.  Rob Winchell took a
look and said it wasn't what was on his...he has a 17mm plug.

Anyways, whatever complete idiot changed the oil last severely
overtightened it.  Didn't help that I was using a bolt flattened out held
in place with a sizeable crescent wrench.  A satisfying "ping" broke the
plug loose, and my 200q is now dining on Mobil 1 10W30, minus all the
teflon crap.

Soo, here's the deal...can someone fill me in on exactly how the wastegate
system gets controlled?  Rob clamped his WG hose to "see" if his car could
get full boost(it did :)  However, I accidentally left my WGFV unplugged.
While it is a known-bad unit(tested 326 Ohms on two meters), wouldn't the
unplugged sensor have caused some bad stuff to happen, or does the valve
stay "open" with no power/malfunctioning, and "open" WGFV means WG open,
which means low boost?  This doesn't make much sense since I would think
that WG open would mean _no_ boost...the car is very snappy up to 1.3-1.4
bar indicated, especially in 1st+2nd to my joy :)  I guess, if anything, I
know my WGFV is completely non-functional, since leaving it unplugged by
accident didn't change _anything_...

Part III of the Great Adventure:  Linda@carlsen shipped me the wrong part.
I got part:
The correct part is:
034-906-283 J

Could someone confirm these numbers?  I'd like to know what the non-J part
is for(I guess an automatic 200 FWD...one of the 164hp engines, not the

The non-J part is round, entirely metal, very heavy, and has 1 electrical
connector on top(straight up) along with 2 hose connections, and 1 hose
connection on the bottom.  The 2 on top are marked with red+blue dots.

The "J" part, which is what my 91 20v 200q needs, apparently, is very
different.  From what's on the car, it has all the hose connections _not_
on the top(side or bottom, can't remember) and the electrical connector is
sideways, not straight up.  To boot, Linda can't find it anywhere near her,
only on the east coast, so need to find a east coast(preferably Boston
area) parts supplier to get it from, and quickly.

This car is throwing me loop after loop...


Brett Dikeman
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