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RE: ur-quattro collectability

Ur-qs are very collectable, at least here in the States. 

They have a large number of critical collector factors in their favor: 

very low numbers for all years combined, well under 1,000 total
they were hand-built homologation specials for competition purposes
very high price when new
already had semi-exotic status when new
introduced new, revolutionary and highly successful and widely copied technology
very high-technology for their time, AWD, intercooled turbo, crank-fired Hall-effect ignition, etc.
a very colorful and very successful and well documented competition history
survive in very small numbers especially in original excellent condition due to maintenance costs, owner abuse, so-called 'upgrades' and substantial attrition due to competition uses

The problem right now, if there is one, is that they are at present underappreciated. This is not a problem if you want to take advantage of the low prices at the present time.

WARNING [speculation mode on]

Who knows, if Audi is successful in making a big comeback in the US with new high-performance models and increasing quality and gets anywhere even approaching the image of wmb or MB then there will be a huge renewed interest in older quattros as collectables and 'image' cars and the ur-q will benefit most from this future interest, IMFO. Better buy that ur-q of your dreams now! (and no, mine is not for sale)