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Soak me in now....

To:   quattro

I've made no secret of my love affair with my '92 100CS, but in the past
couple o'months it has broken my heart. Head gasket (still trying to hunt
down the district rep on that), left front wheel bearing, right front wheel
bearing is beginning to make noise, a strange and getting worse cold
hesitation that is baffling mechanics, the lumpy idle that can't be
diagnosed, and the ever popular and equally mysterious driveline vibration
at 1800, 2800, and now anywhere above 3500 rpm (only God knows what this
problem is, and why it's getting worse, I just hope it's not the
transmission somehow)

In a last ditch effort, I've changed to a new mechanic recommended by Lee
Levitt. The new mechanic will be fixing the left front wheel bearing, and
maybe I'll ask if he can diagnose the lumpy idle or cold hesitation as a
test. I really feel that both problems are due to a small vacuum leak, but
no one can find it and I'm considering the butane spray test whilst
cowering inside a nomex suit.

I think I've just lost all hope. Not to mention that I woke up this morning
and found out that my idol, Frank Sinatra, has died of a heart attack. Bad
day for me. I'm considering trading my car in and leasing a Passat. I just
can't take much more of this. I'm going to lose a bundle by trading it in,
but I can't bring myself to sell this car to an unsuspecting jerk (like
myself) who'll fall in love with it and then stay awake nights worrying
about paying for repairs, all the while plotting my death.

So, whether or not I remain on the q-list is up in the air. Sure, the
Passat is an A4 in disguise, but it's technically a VW, so who knows?

Depression has set in, and I hate to see other (100/A6/S4/S6)'s cruising by
in ignorant bliss.

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 37k miles