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Re: new owner questions 90q20v

Hairy green toads from Mars made Harry R Glesner III say:

> Hi Gang:
>    Got the car last night, I have a few quick questions...all of the switchs 
> seem to be lit except the numbers on the seat memory positions, and the "L" 
> and "R" on the mirror controls, oh and also the electric window (rear) over 
> ride, is this normal, or should I be reading up on replacing the bulbs?

Angela's 20V is missing about the same complement at 117K miles.
My old 100Q is down at least twice as many, even my new A6 has one
or two out already. Sheesh, you think they'd have figured out
light bulbs by now....

>    Also the owners manual says that after the auto-check system has done its 
> thing and finds nothing wrong it will display the radio data, such as 
> frequency, stereo, or tape. It isn't doing that something up with something 
> other than my lack luster ablity to read an owners manual.

Is it the stock radio? Only the stock Audi radios do this. I think
the Wiesbaden was in your originally....


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