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NorCal/SoCal Audi A4 Club Meeting in San

Notice to all Audi A4 owners (or any Audi owners):

The NorCal/SoCal Audi A4 Clubs are getting together for a joint
California meeting on May 29-31st.  This event will start out in
Santa Barbara on the 29th.  On the morning of the 30th we will
be travelling up/down to Neuspeed Performance Products in
Camarillo CA.  Neuspeed as agreed to host the event, and
provide a tent, food and beverages.  Ronal USA will be on
hand, as well as a representative from European Car Magazine
and MaxSpeed (a new auto publication).  We will be viewing
the new line of performance parts for the Audi A4 (and Passat,
since they are sharing parts now).  There will be raffle for a
number of prizes (retail value of over $1.5K).  Also, several
project A4s will be on hand for your viewing pleasure.  If you
are interested in attending please do so.  If you want more
details about the event, please visit Sean Griffin's A4 Page
that also hosts the NorCal A4 Owners Club page.  The URL is:


Again, any Audi owner is welcome.  If you have further questions,
feel free to email me at :  ssher@home.com

Steve Sherwood
97 A4 2.8 Quattro

Sean Griffin
97 1.8T Quattro

Jack Thomas
98.5 1.8T Quattro