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re: 4ksq tail light lens

Dave Fain <KC3565L@sprintmail.com> wrote:
> Just noticed that my '85 4000S Quattro has a left tail light
> lens that doesn't match the rest of the lenses.  It looks the
> same from a distance but has a horizontal groove about 1/2"
> deep between the red and amber parts.

Ha!  (sorry to laugh)  This sounds familiar.  Oh so familiar.

> Other than that, it fits perfectly.  Anybody know what sort 
> of Audi this belongs on?  Is this a rare and hard to find part 
> that somebody would like to trade me a correct lens for?  
> Probably nobody but me will notice it, but now it annoys the 
> H*** out of me.

All the 5k's have these lights.  And I think most of use listers would 
definitely notice.

I have a broken left taillight on my 4ksq, and bought a replacement 
from another lister.  I put it in and was admiring it, and then it kinda 
hit me.  WTF is this groove in the middle?!  The lister took it back 
and returned my check.  And he had taken it off of a 4k!

I never noticed the groove on those cars until I saw it right next to 
the rest of my taillights.  Now I see it every time I look at a 5k.

I still have a broken taillight...  See if you can find someone with two, 
and i'll buy the other one!

Good luck,

 (ah, this list is so cool.  i really feel like i belong to something...)