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'85 Ur-Q...

If you guys are truly wondering whether these cars will ever reach
"collector" status, make some phone calls.  There are a number of
experts in the country who deal in and with true collector cars.  Ask
them.  My bet is they will say "what car?"  when asked about the Ur-Q.

To me, this talk is much like the debate about whether works of art
[ie., Remington pieces] should be owned privately or held by museums
for the enjoyment of all.  I think material items fall in several
categories:  Tools and enjoyment pieces are the two main categories.

If you want a stock Ur-Q, GREAT!  If you don't, you owe nothing to
anyone but yourself--since you paid for it.  Modify until your heart
is content.  To talk about slow, detuned, smog-certified cars with a
hushed tone simply ain't for me.  

Btw, you that own an '85 Ur-Q---what is the market for the car right
now?  By this, I mean, what did you pay, not what would you take?  My
guess is 6-10k?