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Ur-quattro collectability... and modifications

Anton asks an excellent question about modifications.  My opinion:

Right now, as I proposed in my last quote, the UrQ's value is due to demand vs. 
the available supply.  From what I've seen, a large part of that "demand" also 
values "improvements".  Jeff, Glen and I all have 85's with modifications.  I 
bought mine with the mods installed, a consideration in establishing the car's 
value.  Had I bought a completely stock car, I would have still done the mods.  
Thus, the fact that they were already done _increased_ the car's value to me.  
(Also, in may older "collectable" cars, performance mods of the correct 
"vintage" increase the car's value.  I just bought an NOS Judson supercharger 
for my 66 Corsa.  It will increase the car's value much more than the cost of 
the supercharger. A modern EFI system with turbo would not.)

On the other hand, a respray or lack of the 15x8 Ronals would have _decreased_ 
the UrQ's value to me. Note that I don't _use_ the Ronals, but wanted them with 
the car anyway.  Why?  They are unique and part of what makes the car 
"collectable". Ditto for the stock steering wheel, carefully stashed away while 
a much superior Momo takes its place for spirited driving.

So, if you plan on keeping your car carefully stored away for a few years in 
the hopes of having one of the few remaining "untouched" 85's, by all means 
keep it stock.  On the other hand, if you're going to _drive_ the car, make it 
perform the way you want.

I bought mine to _drive_.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
85 UrQ daily driver