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Re: Which dextron ATF fluid for 4kq brakes

> I assume you're talking about the Power Steering fluid and not the
> hydraulic brake circuit--two distinct systems.

> for your older ('84) 4kq, probably true. (dexron ATF)
> for the later 4kq (like my old '87 4kcsq) LOOK AT THE RESEVOIR.  Despite
> the fact that the '87 manual said ATF, the resevoir had a label calling for
> Mineral "Oel"  Audi # G02-000 (or whatever that number was).  Before a
> sharp mechanic pointed it out, I toasted the seals on two PS pumps over 5
> years.  

When in doubt, use the magic green oil.  The Bentleys make it clear that
it's safe in all Audi PS systems, including those that originally
used ATF.  In fact, it may even help prevent leaks in the ATF systems
by swelling the seals slightly... (all that the products that claim
to stop leaks do).