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Re: Blaufergnugen euro lights

In article <199805142040.NAA29917@envy.ugcs.caltech.edu>,
Alex Rosser <lxrosser@triskaideka.ugcs.caltech.edu> wrote:
> Anyway, I was looking through the Blaufergnugen website and came across their
> euro light conversion page. Near as I can tell the units for the '85-'87 4kq
> are single-unit H4 lights. They claim these are drop in units. Has anyone
> with a later 4kq purchased these, and if so, are they truely(body, I know
> I'll need to do some re-wiring) drop-in units.

If they're like my Bosch H4s, yes, they are drop-in replacements plus
new wiring.  Much discussion of the wiring can be found in the

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