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Re: 5kcstq front strut bearings

Brian Larson wrote:
>      Can the top strut bearings on the front struts be changed
>      with the struts on the car?  

Perhaps you could use one of the $250 clam shell style spring
compressors with the strut still in the car, but you'd have to compress
the spring VERY far to allow removal of the bearing (at least 4
inches)--- it's just not worth trying.  With the standard threaded shaft
hook style compressors, you won't be able to hook them on high enough
and opposite one another to adequately & safely compress the spring
while the strut is in the car.  (not to mention the fact that you'll be
lucky to get 1/4 of a turn worth of room for your wrench to
tighten/loosen the compressors even if you did get them on.) 

Just take it out.  Remember to match mark (precisely) the camber plate
before removal.  Don't forget the pipe trick for popping the ball joint
out of the strut, (braced between the subframe and anti-sway bar--
downward force pulls the control arm down, thereby separating the ball
joint from the strut w/o having to use a pickle fork that usually
damages the rubber boot.)  Also, don't forget to loosen the axle nut
before raising the car, and to retorque it only after the car's on the

Good luck.


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