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FS: 10 New In Box Rims - *Pearl White*, for 83-87 Audi 4000 quattro - $50 each

These are brand new factory original rims and are identical to the stock
Ronal style rims found on most 83-87 4000 quattro's, with the exception
that they are finished in the same beautiful pearl-white paint typically
seen on 88-present 80/90, 100/200/V8, and A/S/4/6/8 cars.  (Most other
rims of this style were painted silver or gold.)

Audi Part Number 853-601-025A

They fit:  1983-87 4000 quattro, 4000s quattro, 4000cs quattro all with
4 bolt x 108mm bolt pattern.

Note:  They also fit any non-turbo, non-quattro Audi 5000.  (I have gold
painted rims exaxtly like this on my '86 5000cs.)

They fit the 100 too, but these came with 15x6 rims from the factory so
who'd want 14"???)

They sat in VW of America's warehouse for YEARS since there are only a
hand-full of cars that came from the factory with these wheels (most
were painted silver or gold.)  To the best of my knowledge, the only
pearl white Audi's made prior to 1988 were the 1984 "Olympic Edition"
5000's and the "Special Build" 4000q's from late 1987.  Because of their
rarity (no market for repacements) my supplier got them for a song, I
got them for a song, and you can have them for a song.  $50 a piece +
shipping if necessary (I'm in Chicago)

I installed a set on a white (not pearl) 1984 4000q and they look

I've also hung pearl white accent (same color) Fuchs on a metallic black
5000cstq with the same eye-popping results-- they look great on any
black/white/gray/silver or derivative thereof car.  Come to think of it,
I think I've seen them on someone's red 4000q-- nice.

These take the small dia (about 1.8" dia) plastic center caps carrying 
Audi part number: 841-601-165  (Black, octagonal, 3/4" protrusion w/
raised Audi rings)(Stock)

VW part number: 111-601-171  (identical to above w/ raised VW logo) (VW

Audi part number: 811-601-165 (Silver, round, 1/2" protrusion w/
recessed Audi rings)(4-100 wheels from 80-84 4000s, looks cool on these
wheels too.)

I can't imagine any of these caps costing more than $5 each at the
dealer-- the black ones aren't painted, just molded, and none has any
spring clip or fancy attachment scheme-- they just pop in.

I only have one set of used center caps and am keeping them for myself!

You can also use the flush covers found on the 85-87 4000 quattro and
some 84-88 5000s and 5000cs cars (853-601-165) or 85-87 4000s (number =
?, and they are leave about 1/8" gap around outer edge anyway-- I have
them on my '85 4000sq, but I've loaned it out so I can't check!) but
you'll have a hell of a time finding them with the matching pearl white
paint (I assume suffix "A" after the part number.)  Painting the flush
caps to match your car's body would be a nice touch.

You can also use the black plastic lug nut covers in conjunction with
the earlier mentioned center caps-- they are about $1 each a the dealer
(321-601-173 A).  Hmmmm the quattro "GTI" look.

Bottom line:  If you've got a couple of bent rims, this route if FAR
cheaper than any aftermarket rims, and allows you to stick with
inexpensive 14" tires (185/60 14 was the stock size-- I've run 195/60,
205/60 and 195/65-- all are cheaper than comparable 15" tires)

Let face it guys, however much we love our 4000 quattro's, they still
aren't worth more than about $3000, so $600 for a set of new aftermarket
rims (plus tires!) seems rather silly.

Any takers?  

Please feel free to call me at (773) 525-4030 or send email.



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