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AUDI Here's a suggestion...

Greetings Group,

I am new to the list, and I am have trouble separating my mail.  I was
wondering why this list doesn't have a certain expression in the subject
line that lets most people (people with mail programs that can separate
mail) separate the mail from this list into a set folder.  For example, I am
also a member of the Toyota MR2 mailing list and we always put "MR2"
somewhere in the subject line so that our mail programs can separate the
mail for us.  I suggest we include "Audi" or maybe "Quattro" in the subject
line of our posts.  It isn't very hard, and it saves people like myself who
are on multiple mailing lists a lot of trouble.
I have only received a few posts so far, and I haven't noticed anything like
this, but if there is something I'm not aware of, please tell me.