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RE: confirmation for part number

> Can someone confirm this part number?
> 034 906 283 J
> Wastegate Frequency Valve(aka Electro-changeover-valve), for a 1991 200q
> 20v.
> Has a 2 pin electrical connector off on the side; no vacuum connections on
> top...should be on side or bottom.  Has a direct line to the wastegate.
... I checked the fiche for the '89-'91 200Q.  On Frame 15-90, which covers
the wastegate hose routing for the 3B engine I got the following part
numbers with the associated names.  Note, since this fiche is a bit old some
of the P/Ns may have been superceded ...

REF  DESCRIPTION        P/N      "Common" name 
 13  Solenoid valve 034 906 283F "Wastegate Frequency Valve"
 18  Cut-off valve  034 145 170  "Turbo bypass valve"
  3  Solenoid valve 034 133 517  "Vapor canister purge valve" (?)

Based on this information I would tend to believe that the number you've
gotten is indeed the part which you seek.  It is very difficult to tell from
the drawing in the fiche if it matches your description ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)